Exploring physical and mental health by LISTENING TO and working with your mind and body.

Doris Prügel-Bennett

Psychotherapist, Creative Supervisor, Mental Health Adviser, Psycho-Physical Mentor & Educator, Doula


Need time and a confidential space to discuss issues and explore feelings that are affecting you?


Need some help and support with the many mental and physical challenges of life?


Finding it difficult to build and maintain relationships?


Facing life change, illness or bereavement?


Struggling with movement, balance, co-ordination, pain, injury or mobility?


Need support and inspiration in your later years?


Need support through pregnancy?


Want to explore your concern and feelings about the climate and environmental crisis or other world issues?

Welcome to Southampton Body Stories

My name is Doris Prügel-Bennett and I offer psycho-physical therapy and education as a holistic and trauma-informed practitioner (Trinity of Trauma, Ellert Nijenhuis, Dr med Reinhard Kruger). My qualifications are in Psychodrama Psychotherapy (Diploma and MSc) and Creative Supervision (Cert) – an action and creative approach; Alexander Technique (Diploma) – a holistic approach to integrate body and mind; and Doula (Certified Pregnancy & Birth support).

My premise is that human beings are a part of Nature with their own environment. There is neither a Body B nor a Life B and it is vital for everyone to care for their own, as well as the wider world. Sometimes we need help with that.

I offer my extensive education, training and long-standing professional experiences for your exploration of issues that concern you.  In addition:

  • I accompany people through difficult stages of their lives.
  • I act as advocate and mediator for my clients, on request or when clinically indicated, and communicate with GPs/Consultants/CAMHs/Social and Key Workers etc.
  • I provide mental health assessments and reports for clients on request.
  • I welcome supervisees who study or work in psychotherapy of any modality.

I work with young people, young adults, parents, adults and older people.

Taking the first step to ask for help can be difficult. This website is intended to provide information to help you decide if working with me might be of help to you. Please follow the links below for further details and let me know if you would like any other information.

Counselling & Psychotherapy in Totton & Southampton

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Express yourself and have it received without judgement

Gain a better understanding of yourself

Develop social, relationship & emotional skills

Improve mood, performance & functioning

Learn & practise new skills & behaviours

Alexander Technique in Southampton & Totton

Alexander Technique

Become aware of yourself as an embodied being

Use your body more efficiently

Improve mobility, balance & co-ordination

Gain control over your condition and manage pain

Learn how to respond to stress and challenges

Workshops, Talks & Events

I have many years’ experience giving talks and presentations, facilitating workshops and training around the world.

I organise and offer workshops, training days, presentations and demonstrations to businesses, institutions of higher and adult education, charities, local authorities, healthcare groups and the NHS; also specifically related to psycho-physical health due to the Climate and Environmental Crisis.

I would be very pleased to come to your group or organisation to share my experience.

Counselling and Psychotherapy Workshops, talks and events in Southampton

Climate and Environmental Crisis

Climate Crisis Discussion and Counselling

I consider the Climate and Environmental Crisis as a Health Crisis and am committed to working with human responses to the issue, such as Eco-Anxiety and Solastalgia.

As part of the South Hampshire Climate eMotion Cafe team, I am hosting a monthly Climate eMotion Cafe to offer a safe and confidential space for people to express their emotions and share with others regarding the threat to life on planet Earth.

The team also work with the Greening Campaign Hampshire.