Alexander Technique Testimonials


I have just been looking at my diary entry for the 5th of July 2016. “Went to my first Alexander session, a bit weird but anything is worth a try”! My back and I had been through a lot up till then, what with physios, chiropractors and osteopaths. I repeat, anything was worth a try. Well, here I am 2 and a bit years later, a little greyer, a little wiser and with a back that is so much better and able to cope with the demands I place upon it. This improvement is down to Doris who has nagged, prodded and held me up (stronger than she looks) over the years. My back occasionally gives me grief but Doris has taught me how to deal with it through better posture and learning to relax more. For this I will always be grateful. Thank you once again.

K M, Southampton


The Alexander Technique allows me to make new discoveries about myself each time. I learn about my habits, good and bad to correct them and acknowledge that they are part of what make up me. By knowing, I am able to adapt to situations easier. I have the ability to recognise what is needed of my self, my body and mind in any situation. I can tackle anything. The technique has built confidence within me, through the comfort in understanding myself. I now hold a more positive outlook on everything because my mindset has altered the way it perceives and reacts to things. I am becoming more myself, in an improved and strengthened way.

N, Southampton


I began seeing Doris in October 2008 because of bad back pain that I had been having for 18 months. As a child I suffered from Spina Bifida and had various surgeries on my back. I was not able to lie on my back or sit for any time at work or at home. Although my condition was stabilised following some physiotherapy sessions there was no improvement, and I was given medication to reduce my pain and offered more surgery.

I decided to try the Alexander Technique even though my belief system is very different to alternative medicine, but I gave it a try since I had nothing to lose. At the beginning I went to weekly sessions and my back pain immediately responded by receding. I now see Doris for regular reminders approximately once every 4 weeks. Since beginning the Alexander Technique my condition has improved considerably and continues to improve all the time, as witnessed by me being able to sit at work throughout the day and to function at home with minimal intrusion from the back pain.

My hope was to come off the pain killers completely although I accept that I may have to continue to stay on the smallest dose possible. The success of the work is that I am better than stable and live with my condition as best as it can be done. Meanwhile I have been sitting through a film at the Cinema which was impossible for me for some time. And lately, I noticed another leap of improvement which came to me as a real surprise.

J W, Southampton


I must express my heartfelt thanks for you help… Now that I have had a first course of Alexander Technique I have a far better appreciation of good posture and how to apply it with benefits both physically and mentally… The advantages include: The training is done with the pupil dressed in the ordinary way which is more comfortable and more realistic. Equipment is simple and there is a lot the pupil can do at home to reinforce what is taught. It is minimally invasive and taken at a pace which allows pain not to obtrude.

D C, Southampton


I started seeing Doris as I wanted to improve my posture. I had done some online research and was curious to learn more about the Alexander Technique. Doris is a kind and caring facilitator who is passionate and committed to her work. This has definitely been an amazing, and beautifully unexpected, journey of self discovery. Through guidance and support I am resolving some emotional issues and am regularly invited to consider otherwise unconscious aspects of my thinking and behaviours. It is a truly safe environment to be seen and heard. Through all this, and the exercises I complete between sessions, I am feeling lighter, freer and more connected to myself – and weirdly, what now seems like a by-product, my posture and movement has definitely improved! I caught my reflection in a window today and was amazed by the difference – I have a neck! I have a straight back! I look (and feel) relaxed! I would recommend the Alexander Technique, and Doris, for anyone looking to become more grounded, less anxious, more connected to themselves, or just to improve their posture. Be open minded, be curious and keep going – it is worth it!

L H, Southampton



I now understand why I was told to embark upon this journey – I have accepted that I can let go of certain defences that I have used to this point in my life… I hunch my shoulders. Though I have not yet managed to completely rid myself of this physical habit, the understanding of its probable course has allowed me to be far more aware of it and my friends and family have all commented on not only the physical, but also the emotional change that I have experienced… I am sure that all that I have learnt from Doris will be invaluable in my development not only as an actor, but as a person.

Postgraduate Student in Performing Arts


I have become more confident and positive. My memory has improved. My walking has improved – I am walking properly. Thank you.

M S Sufferer, Southampton

Thank you for letting me make a positive connection with my body.

M, Southampton