Counselling & Psychotherapy
Southampton, New Forest Area & Online

Counselling and Psychotherapy provides the opportunity to explore issues that are troubling you in a confidential and supportive space.


Express yourself and have it received without judgement


Gain a better understanding of yourself


Develop social, relationship & emotional skills


Improve mood, performance & functioning


Learn & practise new skills & behaviours

Who & What is Counselling & Psychotherapy for?

Counselling and Psychotherapy facilitates insight into the contributing factors for your difficulties and allows for personal growth.  It helps to clarify issues, increase physical and emotional well being, enhance learning and develop new skills. Psychotherapy works with deep psychological and unconscious processes. I safely and compassionately accompany your process in looking at difficult spaces that may have been buried for a long time but need addressing.

Counselling & Psychotherapy is for everyone who wishes to explore their life and choices.  It is for people with serious mental health conditions and people who really struggle with their lives, as well as those who just want to  develop themselves.

People come to therapy because life is in crisis, showing up in symptoms such as:

  • Trauma, PTSD, Abuse, Inner Voices
  • Feeling depressed, anxious, confused, angry, guilty, shameful, lost, despairing

  • Issues from the Past that interfere with the Present
  • Finding relationships difficult, or dealing with relationship breakdown or abusive relationships, the opportunity for men to have their voices heard
  • Dealing with problems in harmful ways, eg eating disorders, abuse and dependencies, self-harming
  • Facing life changes, serious and terminal illness, cancer, bereavement
  • Fertility issues, miscarriage or termination of pregnancy
  • Eco-Anxiety
  • Work-place issues
    Counselling & Psychotherapy Southampton

    My Approach

    My approach to counselling and psychotherapy is humanistic, the principle of which is that we are all able to understand, gain insight and change ourselves. I am also focused on exploring the wider context in which you find yourself and how your psycho-physical wellbeing is affected by that.

    I often incorporate Psychodrama and creative action methods in therapy sessions, sometimes using objects and images to help us explore issues that are going on for you.

    Are you carrying too much on your own?  Contact me for an initial consultation to see if working with me would be beneficial to you.

    Therapy Sessions

    I offer a one-to-one working environment for individuals, groups and couples.

    We work together in a safe, supportive and confidential environment in which I might introduce creative action methods to help gain insight into deep psychological processes.

    Whilst therapy sessions remain predominantly face-face-face, I am currently working with clients remotely via Zoom if that is preferred.

    I offer short-term and long-term psychotherapy. Please contact me to discuss.

    What you can expect

    • A fully qualified and experienced practitioner to guide you, who appreciates your process of learning and therapy.
    • A safe and appropriate space for us to work together, in which you are:
      • able to feel safe, listened to and not judged;
      • accompanied during your process;
      • able to discover that change is possible;
      • able to develop and practise new roles, behaviours and skills
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    Appointments & Fees

    Your initial consultation with me includes an assessment and treatment plan and the setting of costs for you.

    Typically the fee will be £60 per session. Each session lasts 55 minutes.  Longer sessions can be arranged.

    Concessions are available for those on low income, teenagers and students and your social and financial situation will play a role in the fee that we agree to enable you to engage with the treatment.


    Doris provides a truly personalised approach to therapy. Doris combines both her training and therapeutic experience in a confidential and safe space, in which her clients, myself included, can express their emotions and work through their issues knowing that, although it is their work to do, they will be expertly guided and supported throughout. I have never felt judged in any way during my sessions with Doris, and I have always felt that whilst Doris’s abilities as a trained practitioner are more than apparent. It is the additional warmth and honesty in her that gives me the strength I need to do what I need, and want to do. Doris has a genuine care in her work, and for her clients best interests at heart.

     I found that during my sessions with Doris she showed genuine warmth and enthusiasm and it was clear that Doris had put much thought and time into the reasons behind my attendance and the best therapy for helping me to move forward. I would be more than happy to recommend Doris’ services to others as, in my experience, she has a clear interest and passion for both her work and the interests of her service users.

    L M, Southampton

    I started working with Doris at a low point in my life. I was stressed, exhausted and experiencing a crisis in confidence personally and professionally after the birth of my second child. Through Psychodrama and one to one sessions Doris helped me identify the underlying causes of my unhappiness and develop new ways of looking at my problems which ultimately gave me the confidence and will to tackle them.

    I valued Doris honesty as she was not afraid to say if she felt we were getting stuck and not making progress. The changes in my life were initially subtle but looking back over the year I realise I have come a long way personally and professionally and I credit my sessions with Doris for this.

    N F, Southampton

    Doris, you lovely person!

    I wanted to write something to thank you for all you hav done for me.

    You will then say, ‘But I’ve been paid to do a job,’ and yes that is true…


    1.  You have given me a path, when I couldn’t see even where it might be.
    2.  You have walked with me on that path, which involved:
    3.  Sharing my pain.
    4.  Remembering everything, or nearly everything I told you about myself.
    5. Suffering with me in the darkness.
    6.  You have allowed yourself to be hurt by my stuff.
    7.  And like all good teachers, you knew when I was ready to do it for myself,
    8.  And let me go.

    Let me tell you that you are good at what you do.  Let’s leave it at that.  You too deserve a row of gold stars.