Natural Support for Pregnancy & Birth in Southampton

I also work as a Doula – a term for someone who helps a woman and, if wished, her partner and family, through pregnancy, childbirth and early stages of parenthood

Pregnancy & Birth Support

Even though modern times and medicine make pregnancy and birth look like either a non-event or a medical issue, women and their families know what a life-changing experience it is to welcome a new member into the family.

In times gone by, when communities were tighter knit, women helped other women in all sorts of ways. Knowledge and skill were passed down the generations; practical tasks were taken over by others and women were supported by each other through pregnancy and to recuperate after the birth.

These days pregnancies are heavily medicalised (and medicine is still dominated by men) – women’s bodies and experience through pregnancy and birth can be highly managed. Women also often see a stream of different midwives who are unable to provide consistent support or to commit to attending labour and delivery.

I firmly believe that women should have the best conditions for their pregnancy, birth and recovery time – creating the right conditions for this is essential for the woman, her family, the baby’s development and for society as a whole.

The objective for doulas in the UK is to make the process of pregnancy, birth and the immediate time after birth the best it can be. I offer this service to women – able or physically or mentally vulnerable – and their families, through pregnancy, during labour and birth, at home or in hospital.

Doula Pregancy & Birth Support in Southampton

How will I work with you?

I work through gentle hands-on guidance, physical movement and discussion to help you find ease and balance within yourself, whilst helping you to adjust to your new shape and the demands of pregnancy.

We also work to prepare you mentally and physically for childbirth and parenthood. I can also work with your partner/family if you wish.

I work alongside midwives, the medical team, sometimes the mental health team and social services.

I offer support sessions at my clinics in Southampton and Eling/South Totton and also in your own home if preferred.

Sessions are normally 50 minutes and cost £50. Concessions are available to those on low incomes.

Doula Pregancy & Birth Support in Southampton