Psychodrama Psychotherapy in Southampton

Actions, movement and sensations underly all life and always communicate. Psychodrama is a creative and action-based psychotherapy, in which individuals can explore and work through issues that are not easily accessible through words or to the conscious mind.


Gain insight and personal growth


Clarify and express your issues


Increase physical and emotional wellbeing and connection to yourself


Enhance learning and develop new skills

How Does Psychodrama Psychotherapy Work?

Psychodrama works with guided creative action methods which allows the whole person – mental and physical – to be involved in the work. It is a psychotherapy that embraces the whole person – behaviourally, physically, psychologically, cognitively, emotionally. My approach allows clients to gain new and unexpected experiences, opening new avenues for change.

Psychodrama psychotherapy allows you to develop and practise new skills and behaviours in a safe, non-judgmental environment. It involves deep psychological processes and can work with a whole range of issues.

It requires neither artistic nor performance skill or experience. Rather it enables you to fully express your difficulties in a way you feel most comfortable with and encourages you to rehearse new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. It is not about giving a performance, but about telling the story that needs to be told, whilst creating a beneficial experience for you and the group as a whole. Sometimes we will use objects and images to help us explore issues that are going on for you.  We may also, for example, imagine a person (or part of yourself) that is causing problems for you is sitting in an empty chair and talk to them to explain our feelings.

Psychodrama group empty chair therapy

Who is it For?

Psychodrama is for anyone interested in the creative exploration of yourself, your relationships and your life, using action as well as words. It is for people with serious mental health conditions, personality disorders, and people who really struggle with their lives, as well as those who just want to develop themselves.

It is for all ages and I work with young adults and adults of all ages and backgrounds.  I hold regular groups in Southampton, as well as working in schools, colleges, workplaces and charities. I also work collaboratively with NHS Mental Health teams, GPs and Social Services.

Please see below for details of Group Sessions

Please see Therapy Sessions for details of individual one-to-one sessions.

Psychodrama Using Objects, Southampton

Psychodrama Group Sessions in Southampton

Groups are held for adults over 18 and for  anyone interested in personal growth and development, either in their personal or business/school life, as well as those with serious mental health conditions and people who really struggle with their lives.

I facilitate group participants to work supportively together on personal issues that are important to them. These issues may include family and relationship difficulties, job-related problems, coping with stress, emotional problems, self-doubt, low self-esteem and unresolved trauma or loss.

The aim of the group is to help participants develop skills that will help them to be more comfortable within themselves and more effective in personal relationships, in the workplace and in the community.

Group participants are encouraged to share their experience. There can be great benefit in the support that comes from being in a group, and the interactions within the group are valuable opportunities for learning. The emphasis will be on ensuring that the group remains a non-judgmental, safe and confidential environment for personal work to take place.

Please be assured that no acting experience is needed to join.

There is usually a maximum of 8 people in each group. The group will normally be asked to commit to a minimum of 12 sessions and may stay longer.

What you can expect

  • A fully qualified and experienced practitioner to guide you, who appreciates your process of learning and therapy.
  • A safe and appropriate space for the group to work together in which you are:
    • Able to feel safe, listened to and not judged;
    • Accompanied during your process
      Able to discover that change is possible;
    • Able to rehearse new roles, behaviours and skills.


Tuesdays 7pm – 9.30pm

£28 per person

Winchester Road,
Southampton SO16 7DL


Psychodrama Using Objects, Southampton