Psychodrama Testimonials


I feel more personal growth can be achieved in one session of psychodrama than in several sessions of ‘talking’ therapies. This is because you can see what it is that you are trying to work through, it brings it out of your head and enables you to have an altogether different perspective on it. It’s really a very powerful process, even in a one-to-one session although I found being part of a Group a more multi-dimensional experience because in a way everyone is working at the same time.

S, Southampton

Dear Doris
A poem by RB

“Everything is cracked, that’s how the light gets in”
Leonard Cohen

Dear Keeper of women’s & men’s hidden stories
Mysteries, his & her stories,
Midwife of our holy potential,
Leader of the dramatic potential.

As we slip between the official family histories,
to recover the our stories,
and unspoken miseries of old,
Doris, you help us to be bold!

Enabling us to face up to & transform our fears and cry those tears!
Re-write the story, release & feel.
Finally, to reveal our hidden strengths & glories!

With grateful thanks to Doris Prügel-Bennett, Psychodrama Psychotherapist and all the brave, courageous women in the “Southampton Body Stories” class of 2016, who supported me in my own healing journey.

 A Poem by Kayleigh S.

A solid wall have I built around my heart
Guarded day and night
By sentinels all too willing to fight
Oh, what a fight
Cracks in the wall do sometimes appear
Lamenting, sadness, loneliness and fear
To shatter the structure of my heart
So I labour
On and on
Oh, do I labour

And sometimes I sail
Through this journey of life
The wind in my hair
My child by my side
And sometimes I wail
Boy do I wail!!!
Because who doesn’t wish for a Mum and a Dad
Tis’ the ideal for all to be had

But mostly as I plant my seeds
And harvest my crop
It’s strength that I garner
And courage that I gather
For sometimes
Disappointment is but an opportunity
When grasped with both hands
To alter the landscape
Of our lands



I wanted to thank you and acknowledge my experience of the session today: I appreciate your professionalism and feel the need to thank you and express how your kindness has touched me. You were very patient and considerate of what is best for me.

E, Southampton

Thank you Doris for your part in my journey. For all your caring, and your care giving. Thank you. Thank you.

D, Portsmouth

An amazing experience from a wonderful person. Thank you so much – will miss you.

P, Portsmouth

What an experience, theatrical and so very much more. What a gift.

J, Christchurch

 Just wanted to say a big thank you for my psychodrama experience. It has been a very rewarding journey and I can already feel that I am changing.

L, Eastleigh