Supervision, Mentoring & Training

Clinical Supervision for Counsellors & Psychotherapists

I am qualified in my clinical psychotherapeutic work as a Creative Supervisor.

I offer clinical supervision for counsellors and psychotherapists, either one-to-one or groups, working with psychodramatic action methods. I am UKCP accredited.

I also mentor people who are in leading professions in industry, education, science, performing arts and who have nobody to speak to in confidentiality about their challenges, doubts, etc. I help them to grow into their professional roles better, using psychodramatic action methods and physically based methods based on the Alexander Technique.

If accreditation by a professional body is pursued, I am happy to provide reports and/or function as a sponsor in that process, on request and if appropriate.


Thank you so much for your thoughtful and insightful supervision Doris. I love your creative approach to working with people. Although challenging at times, I have no doubt that your encouragement and support in offering me a safe place to explore my reactions, responses and assumptions helped me to grow both as a therapist and as a person. I’d like to thank you so much for your thought provoking supervision, I have learned so much from the short time we spent together.

Donna, Southampton

Workshops, Talks & Events

I have many years’ experience giving talks and presentations, facilitating workshops and training around the world.

I organise and offer workshops, training days, presentations and demonstrations to businesses, institutions of higher and adult education, charities, local authorities, healthcare groups and the NHS.

I would be very pleased to come to your group or organisation to share my experience.

Counselling and Psychotherapy Workshops, talks and events in Southampton

Presentation & Workshop Participant Comments

Thank you for coming along to our group. It was really interesting and you are a great speaker!!  Those that were there said that it was one of the better talks that we have had for PLG. I am inclined to agree and I have many great talks that happen there, however your passion and really helpful detail in to the history of your technique, as well as clear explanation, was captivating and also most certainly allowed us all to go home having had an insight in to something quite different – this is what PLG is all about.

Positive Living Group, Lymington

Thank you for speaking at the Dystonia conference. Your presentation went down really well with a number of people saying how interesting they had found it. I am sure a number of them will take this interest further now. I know the venue was not ideal but we really had not bargained for such a large turnout to see your presentation.

Philip Eckstein, Outgoing Chief Executive of the Dystonia Society


  • Many thanks Doris for an opportunity to have a bite of the Psychodrama apple. You were brilliant, drawing together from a million facets and using a presentation where we could take part. I sense the vastness of the field, scope and possibilities. It was a tangible experience and powerful. I shall forever see the Isle of Wight in a new light – a sense of being seen and almost grounded by this huge lump of land basking in the sea. I often watch it from Barton, yet it hasn’t spoken back to me quite as vividly before. And much more of course. Thanks again for giving me this chance to be present.
  • Very informative and a great snap shot of Psychodrama. Fabulously controlled. Fab!
  • I didn’t know what to expect and found the whole two hours very engaging.
  • Extremely interesting. I’ll look into this topic. Very well presented.
  • I had no expectations of the subject as had no prior knowledge – exceeded my expectations. Very professionally done, thank you for sharing this.
  • Enjoyed the different, more active way of learning. It was a very good and creative presentation.
  • I so enjoyed the evening, your professional, inclusive and often amusing delivery was enchanting. I admit I know little of Psychodrama, but definitely wish to know more. I can see how empowering and enlightening it can be in the hands of some-one like yourself.