Aleaxander Technique & Pregnancy

Natural Support for Pregnant Women and their Families

Pregnancy Support

As a qualified Doula, I firmly believe that women should have the best conditions for their pregnancy and this is essential for the woman, her family and the baby’s development. I accompany the family ante-natally, intra- and post-partum.

The Alexander Technique helps to create those conditions.

The realignment of the body during pregnancy can cause constant discomfort. Learning the Alexander Technique can help women cope with their changing shape and balance of weight, relieving pain and discomfort, as well being better able to cope with the stresses of pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

How will I work with you?

I work through gentle hands-on guidance, physical movement and discussion to help you find ease and balance within yourself, whilst helping you to adjust to your new shape and the demands of pregnancy. We also work to prepare you mentally and physically for childbirth and parenthood.

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